September 2015:
Nucleus Torn quietly passed away sometime during the central european heatwave this summer (actual cause of death unknown). I (FS) can deal with that (and quite a few more things).
Anyway, let's get to business: what only seemed a vague distant possibilty in spring - see the post below - has become a reality: Nucleus Torn releases 'Neon Light Eternal', its final album in this decade, as well as the most mindblowing retrospective that even the most driven and aspiring musicians will hardly dare to dream of: 'Blowing up the Entire World (Explosions 1997-2015)'. This compilation will feature each and every song ever recorded by Nucleus Torn in new stereo and 5.1 mixes. 3 DVDs in a hardcover artbook with a 96 page full colour book, 50 minutes of new unreleased music ('A Promise of Sunlight' and 'Waywaters'): that's what I call a proper send-off.

Goodbye. For real.
Don't even think of not getting 'Neon Light Eternal'.
Send flowers (and money and cheques and all sorts of valuable items) to nucleustorn [at]

March 2015:
Where to begin? We feel quite good in hiding. It has been a good idea to give fb-responsibility back to our label. I (FS) did not feel comfortable with it. We all feel much more at ease surrounded by instruments, microphones and other studio gear, occasionally insulting those who write the wrong kinds of e-mails. So we have successfully completed our new and probably last studio album for a long time. It is called 'Neon Light Eternal' - and will blow that fraction of your mind that has not yet been exterminated by 'Street Lights Fail'. SLF is complemented by NLE . If you like the former, you need the latter - it's really that simple. Expect a release in summer/autumn 2015.As usually, audio samples will be posted as soon as Prophecy Productions think it is time.
Be that as it may, we have more in store. We have also recorded two EPs of material that differs stylistically quite a lot from SLF/NLE. We do not yet know how and when these EPs will be made available, but we and Prophecy Productions are taking care of that.
Last but not least, there might actually be an absolutely extraordinary release for a group like Nucleus Torn: all our albums on DVD in 5.1. The mixes sound stellar and rank among the very best of the genre.That being said, you should now take the opportunity to upgrade your system. You have been warned.

November 2014:
Nucleus Torn on Bandcamp